• Turtle Beach Resort

    The Turtle Beach resort App is a branding application for the Hotels where they will be able to show Accomodation details, Images, facilities, weather forecast, site plans, restaurant information and all front desk utilities to the customers.


  • Body Intelligence

    Body tracker keeps a record of photos before and after the exercise or diet plan. The User can save his plan Information, share it on Facebook, Twitter and also via E-mail. A reminder option also available for the user to in case he remains busy.


  • Better Life

    Better Life is a Weight Loss program monitoring application. It is an effective way to achieve your ideal weight and how to keep up with it. It enable the weight loss patients to be determined, focused and motivated through theoretical, audio and video means.


  • Ustamp

    Ustamp App allows the user to take a picture anywhere anytime, with the date, time, and location on it. It is a perfect App for Adventurers who love to capture their surroundings often.



    It is a social connectivity App. Through this the user can post requests and other users of same interests and nearest locations can see them. It enhances the social circle; friends can converse and makes their lives enjoyable and exciting.


  • Book Scan

    Books Trading application enables the user to buy and sell second hand books using a QR code scanner. The book information will be auto filled after scanning. The user will only enter the demand price and all others in the circle would be able to see his demand, which can be accepted on requirement by other users and a sale can take place.


  • Disney Vacation Countdown


  • WinMore


  • Day finder

    The Day finder application helps the user to view and manage his holidays. The users can explore different categories in holidays. The User can also navigate holidays by country, religion, and other events and build up their calendars and set up their reminder notifications.


  • Pink Caddie coach

    This is an Official Application of Pink Caddie coach. It enables the users to coordinate with coach’s weekly activities. Moreover they can interact on his blog, listen to his audio speeches and also see his YouTube videos. This App is social media friendly and all activities can also be socialized on Facebook and twitter.