Put Your Store on the Map

You can now literally guide your target audience to your store by getting your own Maps app. The app will provide directions to people looking for your store, complete with routes. You can use the app to market your business and at the same time make it convenient for customers to find you.
At Adroit, we are experts in GPS services and location services. We can design for you a comprehensive Maps app, based on your ideas and needs, and ensure that it can be used as a marketing tool just as easily. The apps we design are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, ensuring you can broaden the outreach of your app.
With our app, your customers can find your store easily and even locate the shortest route from their current location. This way, they will be able to reach you earlier and save time on commuting. In other words, with an Android, Windows Phone or iOS Maps app designed by Adroit, you can get more customers into your sales funnel.

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